Cycle~ 440 - The Topography of Ascending Frameworks


The Topography of Ascending Frameworks marks the final instalment of the Constructions trilogy. A long form conceptual work that started with 2011's The Geography of Collapsing Structures and continued with 2012's The Cartography of Shifting Planes

Across eight immersive tracks, the duo of Sam Gillies and Kevin Penkin continue to hone their blend of spacious piano motifs, semi-improvised electronica and sporadic, deftly-treated found sounds. Walking a delicate line between ambient minimalism, cinematic soundscapes, glitch and modern jazz; Cycle~ 440 are less an amalgam of genres and more a singular exploration of colour. 

The Topography of Ascending Frameworks boasts a strikingly scientific title, but it is by no means a cold or clinical listen. It ticks forward with quiet, sanguine momentum, bubbles under its still surface, surges with warped strands of noise pitted against contemplative chords and seethes with ominous drones and unsettling oscillations. Every moment exudes a unique blend of granular detail and expansive landscapes. 

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