Zubin Kanga - Not Music Yet


In his first release for Hospital Hill, internationally acclaimed pianist, Zubin Kanga performs Not Music Yet for solo piano, a watercolour graphic score by leading Australian composer, David Young. Composed for Kanga in 2012, the work is featured on this disc in two versions, a 42-minute epic and a 7-minute miniature.

Young conceives the painted notation of Not Music Yet as a time-space score with the pitch on the vertical axis and time on the horizontal. The pianist plays three ‘passes’ from left to right, first playing the black parts of the painting, then the white and finally blue. A creative tension exists between the ambiguity of the swirling mixtures of paint in the score and the precision Young wants from the interpretation as well as between Kanga’s dynamic virtuosity and Young’s desire for a Zen-like state of ‘not performing’.

After making precise measurements of the watercolour score to calculate the timings and pitches of its features, Kanga created a unique, personal realisation. He draws on his considerable toolbox of extended techniques to interpret the three colours as three contrasting tableaux ranging from reflective intimacy to nervous chattering, to joyous brilliance to seemingly electronic immense walls of sound.  Recorded with incredible detail on a 102-key Stuart & Sons piano, Not Music Yet demonstrates the extraordinary variety of sounds that a single performer can draw from a piano. 

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